Thursday, 17 October 2013

Don't Believe The Hype - Twitter

On 31 Dec 2010 I opened a Twitter account to support and complement this blog. I've been reviewing my usage and it seems Twitter is more about incoming traffic than communicating with the outside world. After 672 tweets I've amassed 29 followers (which isn't many) and follow 80 people, blogs or organisations (which also isn't many).

A third of my followers are commercial organisations or "follower farmers" looking to boost the number of followers for either vanity or advertising purposes who probably don't read my tweets. Having said that, I really value the regular individuals that follow me. All told it's not a major means of communication.

Of those I follow many are simple notification accounts from blogs and commercial sites that could be replaced by an RSS feed. A good few are those who also follow my Twitter feed.

Over time I've learnt to quickly identify, and unfollow, those who consistently post drivel, their dietary habits and use phrases like "nom nom" a lot. It's easy to follow people but finding quality content seems to involve lots of trail and error.

In nearly three years I've found that being interesting on Twitter is actually quite hard and I'm beginning to think I'm always going to be more of a Twitter receiver than a transmitter.

Am I alone in this?


  1. I've yet to see the value in Twitter. If I want to tell people where I am, I'll send an email. If I want to discuss hobby work, I'll post to my blog. I suspect this attitude comes from spending 90% of my screen time in front of a PC, and only 10% of my time on a smart phone.

  2. Hmm? Never seen the point of Twitter happy just to Blog. Blogging give the world of wargaming a big online magazine with new articals every day what more could you want :-)



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