Sunday, 29 July 2018

Club & Player Directory

The Wargames Website (TWW) has launched a new feature: a club & player directory. Now these things are not new and many hobby forums offer similar facilities for their members. However, you don't have to join, or sign in to, TWW to enter your personal or club details making it an open directory. I also really like the compact design and the search facility is useful:

As you can see above there are 60 registered clubs so far. There are only three registered players, of which I am one, but this feature was only launched this week:

I have been in touch with Michael at TWW and we've double checked that the mail addresses are encrypted and cannot be easily harvested by spam bots. To be doubly sure I've used a secondary mail address just in case.

If like me you are looking to broaden your circle of opponents, or are looking for a club nearby, this directory could be just what you're looking for. Once again the page is here just be aware that you need to scroll down to see the player section.


Michael said...

Wicked, thanks for the plug!

Vexillia said...

Sad to say it didin't do too much. Still only three players signed up.

Vexillia said...

After two months a total of 5 people have signed up to the player directory. Sad to say I don't think this excellent idea will reach the critical mass it needs to be useful.