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Book & Comics For Sale

2000AD Comics
I have some 1,250 of these all bagged, boxed and in excellent condition.  Will need collecting from Nantwich UK.  A house move forces their sale.  Please email me for details using the contact form in the page footer.

I'm pruning my library and have a few books for sale.  All are in at least good condition, most are in very good condition.  I will be adding to the list over the next few weeks.   At the moment there're only a few over £6.00.

Full listing

The online listing will always be kept up to date with sold items removed immediately.

The weight of each book is given so you can estimate postage.  I can post up to 2 kg for £4.00 (as of 08 Apr, 2023) within the UK.  Get in touch to discuss condition queries, payment options and a price including postage.

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