Thursday, 21 August 2014

Recent Books

I've mainly been reading non-fiction for the last few weeks and I finally got round to yet more of the my "to be read sometime" pile. Since June I have read:

LongestSiege.jpg Rifles.jpg DesertGenerals.jpg

Here are my one sentence reviews:

  1. "The Longest Siege" reads very well indeed covering the encirclement as well as the siege were the author never spurns an opportunity to praise the fighting prowess of the Australians. 7/10.
  2. "Rifles" uses an interesting literary device to provide a wonderful book on the Napoleonic wars painting a vivid picture of how the wars were fought. 9/10.
  3. "The Desert Generals" is the revised edition from 1983 were the the author provides further evidence for his devastating 1960 critique of the British campaign in North Africa and Montgomery in particular. 10/10.

The images are linked to Amazon if you want to buy a new copy but if you just want a reading copy then my used copies are yours for the cost of the postage. To arrange this just email me using the contact form in the page footer.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Reader Survey

On Sunday I added a link to a quick survey as an afterthoight to the end of an article celebrating my 300th post. So far I've had quite few interesting replies:

20140806 - survey page.png

I intend to run the survey until a week on Sunday when I will publish a summary of the feedback. In the meantime I thought I ought to give it a post of its own to boost the response a little.

As it says above "all feedbak welcome".

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Current eBay Listings

I've just added a new page to the blog for my eBay listings and changed the link in the menu above so that it points to this new page rather than direct to eBay. It offers a nice "image only" layout which I hope will be much easier to browse:

20140806 - new ebay page.png

The page also provides a direct link to eBay showing all my listings just in case you need it.

Have a look for yourself and let me know what you think.

Monday, 4 August 2014

FOG Renaissance UK Rankings

After a year full of up and downs I was surprised to see that I have managed to stay in the top 50 according to the latest pre-Britcon BHGS rankings:

20140731 - FOGR UK Rankings.png

Click image for larger version.

I'm now 46th whilst last year I was 38th and I'm still on the first page of the rankings but only just! Ah well, onwards and upwards.