Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Call Me Old Fashioned ...

As I get older I find things preying on my mind. Sometimes they make me feel old, sometimes they make me feel sad and sometimes they make me angry.

What I'm about to highlight are mainly all three.  Read the grumbling that follows at your own risk.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

ADLG Preparation 2017 - More

Last Tuesday I posted my first attempts at a playing aid for L'Art De La Guerre along with my inspiration and motivation. Since then I have been busy and have now completed most of the basic processes.

The results of my efforts are available to downloaded but use at your own risk. Please leave any suggestions or correction in the comments.

I need to add a few words of warning.  I am reasonably confident that everything is as it should be for all the sections bar the melee pages which is in need of a final review.  I have repeatedly reviewed and fine tuned the set up, movement & shooting sections but I have deliberately not included anything about flank marches.  Overall, I will feel better when the pages have been used during a game.

As I'm nearly ready I put the printed pages into a folder to check that my idea of turning a page between phases of the turn works correctly.  This is what it looks like in use:

You should only read on if you have a strong stomach. It's fair to say I struggled to get my head around the detailed mechanisms of shooting and combat.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

ADLG Preparation 2017

The first Sunday in November is Bonfire Night. It is also the day of the fifth Round of the Northern League. I've been promising myself that I would get my finger out and play in an ADLG competition this year. So I have begun my preparations.

Until recently, this has mainly involved looking at the rule book thinking I should read through the rules a few times. I stayed in this state of inertia until I read a post by Alan Cutner on the UK ADLG Yahoo! group. He had posted a two page quick reference sheet with a twist:
"I created these as a result of teaching ADLG to someone completely new to wargaming of any kind."
This sparked something in me. The previous Sunday I had played FOGR and used my own reference sheets and they helped enormously. Anyway, I downloaded Alan's QRS to see if his would do the same.

It didn't quite; good though it is. I wanted something more "process focused". In Alan's QRS all the information is there but it's grouped and not separated by the different phases of the game. Nonetheless Alan's work did spur me on to read the rules and begin to create my own reference sheets.  So thank you Alan for making me read the rules (many times).

Monday, 2 October 2017

A Wargame At Last

Yesterday I finally managed to get a game in!  Graham & I traveled to MAWS' new venue in Eccles, Greater Manchester.  It was the first outing for my new Early TYW German Protestant army complete with a newly painted Transylvanian ally.  The army list I used is below:

Off the table things didn't really go according to plan.