Sunday, 25 January 2015

Shredded Wheat Keep The Faith!

It's been awhile since I wrote a music post so this is a refershing change. It all began last night whilst half-watching the Jonathon Ross show. My attention was caught by an advert with a soul music backdrop:

Nothing new in that but when I actually looked at the screen I struck by an image of middle-aged people in 70s clothing. Sure enough Shredded Wheat have come up with a low key advert with a Northern Soul theme! Who'd have thought it?

Monday, 19 January 2015

Wargaming In 2015

I've been promising myself I'd write about my experiences of playing Field of Glory Renaissance (FOGR) over the last two years but my day job kept getting in the way.

The recent changes to VAT for ebooks and Corvus Belli's decision to suspend production of their 15 mm historical ranges ensured that I was propelled headlong into Christmas and kept busy until today.

After much thought I've decided to take a break from regular wargaming in 2015. "Shock horror" I hear you cry! Let me briefly explain why:

Recent Books

I started this year reading books on an old theme: the Western Desert in WWII. As it turned out I read two very different books. Panzer Commander covers far more than war in the desert.

Here are my one sentence reviews:

  • "Montgomery And Alamein" offers a pro-Montgomery perspective (see others) and is at its best when dealing with Montgomery's early years and the build up to the battle, however it gets a bit dry (with some tortured use of tense) when dealing with the battle itself. 7/10
  • "Panzer Commander" is very readable with a relaxed writing style which sparkles when recounting specific events (and anecdotes) fully capturing the triumph of discipline over the desperation and frustration experienced by the officers of the Wehrmacht from 1942 onwards. 9/10

The images are linked to Amazon if you want to buy a new copy but if you just want a reading copy then my used copies are yours for the cost of the postage. To arrange this just email me using the contact form in the page footer.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

BHGS "Umpires Guidelines & Clarifications" for FoG:AM v2.0 published

I've just finished reading these. It's a constructive response to the lack of support for v2.0 by the rule's authors and tackles lots of niggling issues. Furthermore I'd like to recommend them to everyone as an example of clear writing and explanation:

"After 2 years of playing and ruling on V2 queries, the regular BHGS umpires have produced the following list of clarifications for FoGAM V2, which will be adopted for all future BHGS events.

This will allow all players to know in advance how any potentially ambiguous situations will be ruled upon by the umpires."

The only thing missing is some form of version numbering as I'm sure these will be updated & reissued.

So congratulations to Robert Taylor who initated the project, Peter Dalby the main author and the rest of the team. Well done.