Friday, 10 November 2017

I Used To Be Mystified Now I'm Addled

In October 2010 I changed my main ancient and medieval wargames rules from DBMM to Field of Glory (FOG).  As of this month I have switched again.  This time from FOG to Art de la Guerre (ADLG).

This has been a long time coming: I bought my ADLG rule book in September 2016 after looking for a copy for over a year.

When I started this blog many of the most popular posts formed the DBMM for the Befuddled series in which I tried to untangle, explain and illustrate how the rules worked.  Despite being for DBMM v1 the posts remain popular.

I started a fresh series of posts about my experience with the FOG rules: FOG for the Mystified.  In fairness there was a lot less to untangle with FOG and the series has proved both less extensive and less popular.

Now that I've begun to explore the delightful world of ADLG I thought I'd stick to the pattern and start a new series: ADLG for the Addled.  There's now a "Addled" label in the right hand column of labels for ease of access now and in the future.

I think this will be a worthwhile exercise as my recent experience has shown me that there's a lot of detail to learn with ADLG plus the rule book is somewhat fragmented.

Stay tuned for the next in the series which will feature an update of my "process sheets" and some experimental "unit cards".

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

A Face In The Crowd

Life isn't always about wargames. Sometimes I watch football. Sometimes I end up in some of the photos from the game. If you can spot me in the crowd leave a comment.

The photo is from the second half of Warrington Town's FA Trophy game against Bamber Bridge.  The Yellows won 2-1 and the next round is at home this Saturday.  Oh the excitement!

ADLG: Northern League (Manchester)

It's been a while since I wrote a competition report. In fact it's over two years! My last report was in July 2015 for the Stoke Challenge.

I didn't realise it had been so long. Anyway, last Sunday I finally got myself organised and played in the final round of the Northern League ADLG competition. It did feel like jumping in at the deep end. Prior to Sunday I'd only played one other game of ADLG.

Even so I enjoyed the day and I'd like to thank all my opponents who put up with my stupid questions and total inability to work out even the most basic shooting and combat factors.

Date05 November 2017
CompetitionNorthern League 5th Round
ArmyIlkhanid Mongol with a Cilician Armenian Ally
Army listList details
Army number255
Army date1260 AD
ResultsOfficial results grid

This army was a favourite of mine when I used to play Field of Glory (FOG). The allied spear and knights add another dimension to a straight Mongol army. Although not exactly a killer army it offers both quality and maneuverability. For these games I took brilliant generals to allow me to exploit the latter and to compensate for the fact that I'm new to ADLG.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Change To The RSS Feed

Until today the main RSS feed for this blog contained all the text of each post. I usually prefer it this way as you can read the posts in an RSS reader rather than have to visit the site.

Unfortunately, there's an increasing trend of "harvesting" sites.  They use full RSS feeds to transfer posts from blogs like mine to their own blog.  All without asking permission. I'm not talking about the various news & compilation sites which just post links and snippets.

The "harvesting" blogs are set up to re-post content automatically and seem to be created solely to make money from advertising. Of course I get nothing in return for my work.