Saturday, 2 April 2016

RSS Readership

Work and real life in general has got in the way recently. It’s not all bad as I’ve been busy with a new work project which I’ve just about finished.

One thing that I have been able to do is investigate how you reach and read this blog.  Some of you follow using Blogger (50) while most appear to be using RSS (about 250) in one form or another.

I’m a great fan of RSS and make heavy use of to keep up with hobby, technology and sport news along with lots of diverse web sites.  This has taught me one thing: RSS reader views don’t show as regular page visits.

My curiosity was piqued and I did a bit of digging.  Just look at what I found:

What I actually unearthed was my daily RSS stats dating back to the day I started this blog in 2007 and that’s a lot of data!

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Rules War :: Compilation Released

This booklet collects a series of my blog posts together with an extract of an article I wrote for Miniature Wargames.  They share a theme: the popularity of rules for 15 mm wargames in the ancient, medieval & renaissance periods amongst competition wargamers.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Articles Page Update

The majority of my published articles now have epub versions to download alongside the pdf versions. 

The epub files should be useful to those of you who have a dedicated ereader or an ereader app on your phone or tablet.  They can also be easily read online in a browser if you have the right extension installed.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Blog Spring Clean

Last week I mentioned the recent announcement by Google, that they are switching their focus from Picasa Web Albums to Google Photos and that I was going to shift to Dropbox for my image hosting.

Well it’s done!  All the images have been moved to Dropbox along with all the pdf resources from the site.  In the process I have deleted all the silly little posts that didn’t have any long term value and checked that the older links were still live.

Not a massive task but I’ve tried really hard not to lose anything.  If you find anything missing or a dead link please let me know.