Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Transylvanian Renaissance Hussars

Another simple post.  I bought these as samples at Britcon as I am think of building a Transsylvanian ally for an Early German Protestant army of the TYW.

They are 15 mm figures from Donnington and I really enjoyed painting them.  The codes are EC04 & 06 on TYH06.  I’ll be using them as “Bow, Sword” Light Horse.

I particularly liked how the faces turned out on these figures:

Ottoman Akinji

A simple post today.

The weather is good and the lighting is even better so I took some photos of one of my latest mini-projects.  As always click the image for the “warts and all” version.

These are 15 mm Roundway figures: RKOT12 & 13 to be precise. They should see service in both ADLG medieval & FOG Renaissance armies.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Greasy Fingers

In 2014 I wrote about wargamers who think their matt varnished figures acquire a shine because the varnish has worn off during play.  In the article “The Unvarnished Truth” I was at pains to point out that this was far more likely to be due to the deposition of sebum adding a nice glossy layer to the figures.

Earlier this week I came across an article from the British Library discussing their policy on using gloves to handle their more precious items.  It provided the following which may be of interest:
“A widely referenced paper, in the conservation field, and several forensic references, refer to fingerprint deposits consisting of 'over 98% water'. Recent analytical and theoretical studies of latent fingerprints, demonstrate that this figure is substantially in error. The deposit from a single human finger touch, whilst varying widely between individuals, is likely to contain less than 20% water and on average be about four micrograms of a mixture of amino acids, salts, primarily sodium and potassium chloride, fatty acids, squalene and many other trace compounds.”

The Range (UK): Wet Palette

Have you seen the various posts about wet palettes? I have but was put off by the need for special paper to line the palette.  I also wondered if the colours would stay separate.  The latter is a particular problem as I nearly always dilute my paints.

Whilst looking in The Range for something else I found a small well palette for £1.00.  I was going to use it as a regular palette but when I got home I realised it would fit nicely in a takeaway food container.  So I decided to try it as part of a wet palette: