Saturday, 30 May 2015

Home Straight

Yesterday I reached a really significant point in my Islamic Persian project: I now have all the figures I need to complete the 650 point version of the army prepared and mounted ready for painting.

The final reinforcements arrived from Navwar ten days ago.  I even bought enough figures to do the extra 150 points to bulk the army up to 800 points however that's for the future.

At the moment there are only 15 figures left to do and these have to be ready by the end of June to allow me time to base all the new elements in time for the Stoke Challenge.

I should make it even though most of them have really complex horse barding which will slow me down. So it's back to the painting table with fingers crossed that I've not tempted fate.

Recent Books

I've just finished some heavyweight reading.  The two books below cover very different periods but share the same aim of producing readable, narrative history:

Here are my one sentence reviews:
  • "1812" offers a beautifully readable version of the famous campaign of 1812 and thoroughly deserves the plaudits heaped on it by others not least by avoiding the pitfalls so common in military history of this period. 10 /10
  • "All Hell Let Loose" is also very readable offering a critical, yet dynamic, overview of such a vast topic apparently with ease bolstered with an excellent selection of very apposite statistics, stories and quotes from all sides. 9/10
The images are linked to Amazon if you want to buy a new copy but if you just want a reading copy then my used copies are yours for the cost of the postage. Postage will be £3.25 within the UK. To arrange this just email me using the contact form in the page footer.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Books Reviewed

I've written reviews for the following for Miniature Wargames:

Both highly recommended but I can't say more until the reviews have been published when I will add links to the articles page.

The 'Askari review should have been published by now but some how it never reached Henry at Miniature Wargames.

It's Been A While

April in the UK was warm and sunny. So apart for enjoying the weather I've been getting on trying to finish a 650 point Field of Glory Persian army for the Renaissance competition at the Stoke Challenge. I've even gone as far as writing my list and ticking off the battlegroups as I finish them.

At the moment, I have a few Turcomen to finish, along with a dozen heavy and four elite cavalry. Sadly, the last two involve horse armour with complex patterns. So far the elite horse armour is taking me 2-3 hours each! Luckily I have a quicker method for the heavy cavalry.

I am pleased with my progress so much so that I had to order more heavy cavalry last week as I was in danger of running out. I also took the opportunity to order the extra models required to field an 800 point army. I have two months to get all the above finished and based. It will be close.

For the elite cavalry I wanted to add paper lance pennons but wasn't sure if they were used and what colours were known. A quick post of TMP produced a contemporary image of small red pennons (see below) so I that's what I added.