Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Military Orders Vignette

I painted this way back in 2015 shortly after I was sent some samples from the Thistle & Rose ranges by the new owner who was "going to get the back on the market soon".  The most I can find today is a Facebook page (boo hiss).

Translyvanian Hussars

When I was exploring the options for Transylvanian Hussars I bought a few samples of renaissance pistol armed light cavalry from both Irregular Miniatures and Legio Heroica. I still haven't painted the latter but I did do most of the former and this week I finally got a result I am happy with:

First time round I wasn't happy with the red: it was too orange and looked washed out with weak shadows. Re-touching using a new recipe for the red worked a treat. For those "paint nerds" I used Palka Signal Red (32) with a highlight of Plaka mixed with a small touch of Vallejo Model Colour Sunset Red (802) just to tone it down.

Frankish Knights

Today's post features two stands I've just finished for my Ilkhanid Mongol army for ADLG. The list allows two units (elements) of Frankish knights so here they are:

Until now I've been using some of my Armenian knights as proxies but they have quite specifc  flags, pennants and shield designs. I really wanted some with more generic designs that I could easily distinguish on the table. The figures are Essex and from my "scrap" box of left over castings.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

A Face In The Crowd

Not the best day watching Warrington Town because "we was robbed": a disallowed goal, a penalty given for swan dive and a winner for the opposition that had an almost impossible amount of spin on it.

Photo credit: John Hopkins. Reproduced with permission. All rights reserved.

Match Wealdstone v Warrington Town
Competition FA Trophy, 3rd Round
Date Sat, 3 Feb 2018
Venue Grosvenor Vale Stadium
HT score 0-0
FT score 2-1
Attendance 601
Press: Warrington Worldwide
Video: YouTube