Thursday, 6 July 2017

TYW Saxon Infantry

These are early Thirty Years War (TYW) Protestant infantry.  My plan is to morph my TYW Danes by painting fresh command stands with different flags.  Until recently I was hand painting the flags but these are the first to use some of the recently updated Electoral Saxon Infantry flags I released through

For practical wargaming reasons I'm using the yellow and black striped flags as a surrogate "national" flag. This is to "tie" the units together on the tabletop and to allow me to put two flags with each unit.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Transylvanian Ally Finished

Here they are at last! Thirteen elements to make up a small allied contingent for my latest 15 mm Thirty Years War (TYW) army. The original plan back in August 2016 was to morph my Danish TYW army into a Early TYW German Protestant army with the option of a Transylvanian ally. Amazingly that's what has happened:

The allied commander who can be either Gábor Bethlen (reigned 1613 to 1629) or his "less active" successor George I Rákóczi. The flag details are here and there's more here plus a free sample offer. Figures are Donnington EC03 on TYH08 flanking a Legio Heroica general.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Real Life

Just a quick post.  As many other bloggers, I've hit an extended period where real life gets in the way of my hobby.

It's nothing serious but so far this year it's been one small niggle after another.  They have mainly been personal but there been a few professional niggles too.  Whatever the source they have all required considerable attention and effort on my part.  I have taken steps to simplify things but I'm not seeing the full benefit just yet.

I haven't had a wargame in over a year and my painting mojo is taking a long break.  Despite this I'm quite close to finishing a few painting projects. I have even bought a new tripod for my camera so I can take better photos once they are ready.

Here's hoping for a great summer.  Onwards and upwards!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Playing Pieces

There are times when you think you are at the forefront of your hobby. There are times when you think nothing ever changes. There are also times when you think things have changed but you eventually realise they haven't. I've just had one of the latter moments.

When I returned to regular wargaming in the later 80s I quickly made the transition from DBA to DBM. I then followed the masses to DBMM and on to Field of Glory Ancients & Medieval (FOG AM). I also played DBR switching to Field of Glory Renaissance (FOG R) when FOG AM palled.

I stopped playing DBA when the twelve element format started to get repetitive. I moved on for a more complex game. I certainly got that with DBMM: perhaps too complex!

When I switched to FOG AM in 2010 I was looking for a "cleaner" set of rules with more structure and fewer conditional clauses. Until recently I thought I was playing a game far, far removed from DBA. I was wrong. Let me show you why.