Sunday, 22 March 2015

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Slip Sliding Gone

Thank you China!

Earlier this year the cheap reading glasses I was using whilst painting gave up the ghost. No problem. A trip to the shops soon provided a replacement pair. They even had sprung legs for a good fit.

However I began to notice a consistent problem: when huddled over a figure, and nearly always when I was attempting a tricky bit of painting, the glasses began to fall off my nose.

I think this happened because the glasses had a steel frame and were a bit heavier than my first pair. Nonetheless I persevered and became adept at catching them before they hit the painting table.

Even so it was really annoying and unnecessary. The fix was easy and immediate: wind elastic bands around the end of each leg of the glasses.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Another Month Nearly Over

I've just realised that it's nearly a month since my last post. So what have I been up to? Well the Islamic Persian project continues to progress. This month I have:

  • Finished 4 of the second six bases of Turcoman cavalry.
  • Finished 6 sample figures of armoured Persian Qizilbashes.
  • Prepared the figures for two Persian command bases.
  • Drafted a 650 point list to see how much more I need to paint before this year's Stoke Challenge.

The sample figures are an important breakthrough for me. The army has both Elite and "regular" qizilbashes and I need to easily distinguish between them in the midst of the hurly burly of a game. To this end I've finally decided how I'm going to do this as well as deciding how to get a touch of variety into the bases.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Almost There

A few weeks ago I wrote about my new plan for 2015. Well it seems to be working.

This morning I finished four more Islamic Persian musketeers and have the heads and hands finished of the remaining eight. Once these are finished, and based, I will have completed all the firearm infantry for my long delayed FOGR project. Plus, last week I finished four cavalry figures which means I have completed one third of the Turcoman cavalry bases I need and have more underway. Little bits and often seems to be working for me.

I would do more tomorrow but I'm planning to attend Vapnartak at York Racecourse where I'm going to give the tabletop sale a try. I'm not sure how well I will get on but if I don't try I'll never know. I'll report back next week.