Saturday, 8 August 2015

Book Clearout

After more years of neglect than I care to mention, this last week has been spent decorating my office / workroom.  When putting everything back I took a long hard look at my book collection.

As a result I have the following to give away to good homes. The images below are from Amazon but two of my books have different covers from that shown.  They are: "The Arabs" & "Alexander The Great".

The images are also linked to Amazon if you want to buy a new copy but if you just want a reading copy then my used copies are yours for the cost of the postage. Postage will be £3.25 within the UK which will cover 1-3 books.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

The UK Ancients Scene

This is quick note to recommend a recent blog post by Tim Porter.

Tim starts with an overview of the French rules "Art De L'Guerre".  About half way through he switches topics and tackles the current state of the Ancient (and Medieval) competition scene in the UK.

He raises some very interesting & pertinent points: especially that we may never see another "unifying" set of rules like DBM.

It's also good to see someone else highlighting the fragmented nature of the current UK competition scene.  It's something I have often mentioned in my posts about the UK's Northern League.

Although I struggled with some of the writing the essence of the post is something we should all be talking about and Tim's post deserves as broad an audience as possible.

If you care about the future of ancient wargaming join the debate on Tim's blog.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Recent Books - Various

More second hand reading finds:

Here are my one sentence reviews:
  • "The Full Monty" is a whopping 780 pages excluding appendices yet it is extremely well written and can be read at pace as it builds up a fascinating picture of Monty, how he brought about the victory at El Alamein and why he had to do what he did.  9/10.
  • "Conquest" fails to overcome the detail that bedevils so much recent medieval history because the narrative gets lost in the endless stream of castles captured and marches made, plus the book is frequently let down by the lack of a good map. 5/10.

Recent Books - Alamein

Here's the latest additions to my library:

Unusually for me these were purchased new and were read one after the other in very short order.  There was a distinct possibility of "desert overdose" but I found both good reads.  Here are my one sentence reviews:
  • "Alamein: War Without Hate" offers an engrossing "journalistic narrative" to the whole desert campaign with clear, descriptive maps which I read at real pace.  9/10
  • "Pendulum Of War: Three Battles at El Alamein " is a tactically detailed account covering just the battles around El Alamein which is very readable and pacey but it occasionally gets bogged down in the complexities of the campaign and sometimes the maps don't really help.  8/10
I'll be keeping these as they will both be re-read at some point in the future.  However, the images are linked to Amazon if you'd like to buy your own copy.