Sunday, 17 May 2020

The Seventies!

In the last ten days or so I've been listening to a lot of music from my teenage years during the 1970s. I don't mean Slade, Sweet & their ilk but the bands I saw live whilst growing up in the North East. Cold northern nights, train trips to Newcastle and the bright lights of the big city.

Then I noticed that there's a new Rory Gallagher album out "Check Shirt Wizard – Live In ‘77" featuring live cuts from various UK gigs including the City Hall, Newcastle.


Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Rhys ap Thomas's Retinue Men at Arms

I have been working steadily on refreshing my War of the Roses retinues and here are some photos of the latest batch to be finished.

Flags Types During the War of the Roses

Or know your standards from your liveries!

There were three main types of flags during the Wars of the Roses: the personal flags of important individuals; large banners for their retinues and livery flags for the units forming the retinues.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Lockdown Update (Doesn't Time Fly?)

I've just realised that it's two months since my last post.  In the UK we are half way through week seven of our first COVID-19 lockdown.  But that's only a small part of the reason why I haven't posted anything.

It's mostly down to lots of fiddly jobs around the house, painting display models for Fighting15s, and dealing with the year-end accounts for my wargames business.  Not to mention the April weather; it was marvellous, atypical and didn't exactly encourage sitting indoors.

The one thing I did finish was Volume II of the Hobilar Archive for the Lance & Longbow Society.  I started this project in 2016!