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Friday 7 June 2024

Podcasts, Podget, Audacious, and Linux

For over ten years I've been using gPodder to manage my subscriptions to music and hobby podcasts.  Recently, I realised that gPodder was using almost 0.25 Gb of memory all the time just to monitor podcast feeds every hour.  This seemed an excessive overhead.

To make matters worse I'd developed all sorts of different podcast habits; copying music podcasts to an archive folder etc etc.  The habits weren't onerous but I began to wonder if there was a different way to do things with less intervention on my part.

From now on this gets "techie".  So, if this isn't your thing, look away now!

Sunday 26 May 2024

Improving A Warbases Paint Rack

In October last year I cleaned my painting desk and re-organised my paints.  When I'd finished I realised it was time to invest in a vertical paint rack as I was running out of space on my desk no matter how I arranged things.

I looked around online and ordered this from Warbases for £12.00 plus £2.60 postage:

Friday 24 May 2024

ADLG: Northern League Round 2 (Manchester, 19 May 2024)

Sunday, 19 May saw my first competitive outing of 2024.  After the usual early start, and a trip up the M6, I arrived at Eccles for the second round of the 2024 Northern League.

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