Thursday, 13 September 2018

Work In Progress And An Appeal

This is a slightly convoluted story so please bear with me but if you have any unpainted Roundway 15 mm medieval figures you don't want jump straight to the end of this post.

At Britcon I bought a pack of Essex MER13 late medieval mounted handgunners from Instant Armies. I bought them because I was fascinated by the depiction of a knight on horseback firing an early hand gun.

I decided to go with blackened armour with brass detailing. Here're the results

As you can see they are only partly based. I wondered if I could get some other figures to give the bases a bit of variety. I remembered that Roundway do a suitable figure. At this point things got complicated.


In April I saw an offer on TWW from Alternative Armies for a bundle of 40 mm frontage wall sections in five different styles that was too good to miss. I ended up with a total of 2.4 m (yes metres!) for only £20.00 delivered.

Last month I finally got round to painting some:

The sections on the left are for my Later Polish army and those on the right are for my Timurid & Islamic Persian armies (hence the different basing schemes).

Monday, 3 September 2018

A Face In The Crowd

A great early season day out to Humberside. It was so hot most supporters sought the shade to watch what turned out to be the best Warrington Town performance in many a month.

Picture credit: John Colley

Match North Ferriby United v Warrington Town
Competition Northern Premier League
Date Sat, 01 Sep 2018
Venue Eon Visual Medium Stadium
HT score 0-3
FT score 0-5
Attendance 217
Press: Warrington Worldwide

Saturday, 25 August 2018

We All Make Mistakes

At Britcon I bought three packs of figures. One of them is shown below. They are Essex (RNO2 Azab/Turk Javelinmen). As always I really enjoyed painting them. I've painted so many Essex figures over the years that I now find them relaxing to paint.