Monday, 28 October 2019

ANCMED Rises From The Ashes

Following the decline of Yahoo! Groups many wargaming mailing lists have moved to   I have followed four or five as they made the transition.  The system seems very user friendly with lots of new features.

Having said that one list, ancmed, was somewhat abandoned: the owners thought the list had run its course over the last twenty years.  I thought it still had something to offer so, with the Yahoo! list owner's permission, I have set up a new group called, wait for it, ANCMED.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Afghan Light Spear

This is mainly a photo post. The figures are all Roundway and are intended as medium spear or javelinmen for my ADLG Timurid army:

The spear armed figures are RKMA8, the swordsmen are RKMU5 and are from the Mameluke and Mughul ranges respectively. They are yet another example of using a restricted colour palette.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Site Statistics

I recently removed the external web counter I had been using on this blog. I became increasingly concerned that I wasn't getting the full picture (see below). 

Even so I removed it mainly because I discovered (or should that be re-discovered) that Google had integrated (very) basic page stats into their Blogger platform; there's no point in duplication really.  These stats nicely compliment the RSS readership data I review from time to time.

Unlike the external counter, the Blogger stats cover all visits since the blog started in 2007 and one of the more interesting things I uncovered was how popular my various static pages are:

Painter's Miscellany #2

[1] Take Time To Reflect
This is a bit of painters' psychology. Like many people I find painting very relaxing and a wonderful diversion from the everyday. Sadly, this isn't always the case. There are times when I just have to apply myself.

During these periods the relative lack of enjoyment makes me more critical than usual. This in turn dampens my enthusiasm and round it goes. I have developed two approaches to break the cycle:
  • Always leave at least 2 hours before reviewing recently painted figures. This gives you time to switch from the "painting" mind set of correcting the last few errors to assessing, and enjoying, them as completed pieces.
  • With large projects, or units, take time to check any previously finished figures. They will invariably be better than you thought and will spur you on.
Do you have any tricks? Leave a comment it you do.