Thursday, 20 June 2019

What I Have Painted Recently

I've finally got around to photographing my latest unit.  It's a group of late medieval or early renaissance mounted hand-gunners:

I apologise in advance for my poor photography skills.  Clicking on an image will bring up a much larger version which will look much better.  Even so I seem to struggle with depth of field and I don't think the dark colour scheme helped either, but I wanted a scheme that reflected the end of the era of "white harness" and the beginning of blackened armour.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

A Face In the Crowd

2019 Super Play-off for promotion to the National League North.

MatchWarrington Town v King's Lynn Town
CompetitionPremier Division Promotion Super Play-of
DateSat, 11 May 2019
VenueCantilever Park
HT score1-1
FT score2-2
ET score2-3
Press:Warrington Worldwide
Pictures:John Hopkins
Video:TS Media Co

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Tudor Commanders At Bosworth 1485

This completes another small project: a set of Tudor commanders to lead my War of the Roses army. Henry Tudor was finished in December last year but now he has the support of two of his famous sub-commanders:

The figures are all from Roundway. I really like the figures for their late 15th century look and because the sculpting isn't overly complicated.

Saturday, 30 March 2019

What I Have Painted Recently

In the past six weeks I've been busy working on quite a few new hobby projects.  Unusually for me I now have lots of projects underway; normally I only have one or two.  This means I've not yet finished any of them. Typical wargamer I hear to say.

I have however made a lot of progress.  I've nearly finished: my Bosworth commanders, some late medieval mounted hand gunners and some Russian mercenary cavalry for my Lithuanian army.  Plus I have made a start replacing the War of the Roses heavy infantry I sold last month.

In these circumstances what's a wargamer to do? Start another project of course! However, this one was deliberately chosen to be finished in a week and sold on eBay. Here are the results:

I've used a different set up for my light box to match the bases.  I didn't finish the basing so people can easily match their existing basing scheme.