Monday, 25 November 2019

Painter's Miscellany #3

Adding Sand To Bases
The short version is simple: sprinkle don't dunk and use two thin layers.

To hide figures bases I use the tried and tested method of sand and PVA glue.  I used to just shake the glue coated base in my pot of sand.  However I stopped doing this after a disastrous run of using too much glue: the bases came out with far too much sand on them.

The cause of this was a slightly thinner brand of PVA.  The excess glue wicked through the sand in the pot by capillary action creating a far thicker layer than I'd planned.  Worse still, when dry the surface was much smoother and didn't dry brush well at all.

I needed a method that provided more control.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

15 mm Italian Wars Artillery

I've just completed another mini-project.  This time it's a couple of artillery pieces for my Italian Wars army.  When I saw these figures I was struck by how characterful they were so they've jumped a good few places in the painting queue.

Monday, 28 October 2019

ANCMED Rises From The Ashes

Following the decline of Yahoo! Groups many wargaming mailing lists have moved to   I have followed four or five as they made the transition.  The system seems very user friendly with lots of new features.

Having said that one list, ancmed, was somewhat abandoned: the owners thought the list had run its course over the last twenty years.  I thought it still had something to offer so, with the Yahoo! list owner's permission, I have set up a new group called, wait for it, ANCMED.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Afghan Light Spear

This is mainly a photo post. The figures are all Roundway and are intended as medium spear or javelinmen for my ADLG Timurid army:

The spear armed figures are RKMA8, the swordsmen are RKMU5 and are from the Mameluke and Mughul ranges respectively. They are yet another example of using a restricted colour palette.