Books From Vexillia

Poleaxed Sourcebooks

Everything a wargamer needs to know about the Wars of the Roses in two A5 volumes. Covers all of the major battles:
  • Blazons of major personalities.
  • Detailed orders of battle and maps.
  • Full descriptions of the battles.
  • Fully indexed rolls of honour.
  • Special scenario rules.
  • Free sample pages from Vol 1 and Vol 2.
  • £16.00 for the two volume set.
  • Order your copy.
Volume  I covers First St Albans (1455) to Towton (1461) and Volume II covers Hedgeley Moor (1464) to Stoke Field (1487).

Hobilar Archive on CD

The first CD from the archive contains the issues 1 to 50 of Hobilar, the journal of the Lance & Longbow Society.
  • 50 A5 issues as pdfs.
  • Ideal for ebook readers.
  • Over 2,500 pages of articles.
  • Nearly 100 full colour pages.
  • Indexed by issue, period & flags.
  • Free sample issue.
  • £12.00 each.
  • Order your copy.
First published in August 1991, Hobilar features articles on medieval warfare from the early 11th century to the early sixteenth century, as well as many flags and banners of the period.

To preserve the wealth of information and detail presented in Hobilar over the years the issues have been scanned, lovingly restored, and converted to pdf format.