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Items For Sale

New and surplus items for sale.  Available in the UK by collection or postal delivery.

  • New Books
    War of the Roses sourcebooks - everything a wargamer needs to know about the Wars of the Roses in two A5 volumes. Covers all the major personalities and battles.

    Hobilar Archives: Volumes I & II on CD - The Hobilar is the journal of the Lance & Longbow Society.  First published in August 1991 it features articles on medieval warfare from the early 11th century to the early sixteenth century, as well as many flags and banners of the period.

    Details and how to order.

  • 2000AD Comics
    I have some 1,250 2000AD comics for sale.  The collection contains issues from Prog 501 to 2000.  All bagged, boxed and in excellent condition. Will need collecting from Cheshire UK.  My recent house move forces their sale.

    Email me for details.

  • Second Hand Books
    I'm always pruning my library and often have books for sale.  All are in at least good condition, most are in very good condition.  They are usually price to sell at £6.00 and under.

    The weight of each book is given so you can estimate postage.  I can post up to 2 kg for £4.00 (as of 08 Apr, 2023) within the UK.

    Full listing

  • eBay listings
    Browse my various listed items in the following categories:

    • Books
    • Cassettes & Vinyl
    • Comics
    • Dice
    • Game Tokens
    • Magazines
    • Miniatures

    Listings page.

Any questions? Email me using the contact form in the page footer.

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