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Livery Colour Database

During the Wars of the Roses liveries were very important.  As a wargamer, they are a ready way of identifying units on the tabletop via flags or livery jackets.  However historical details are scarce.   To tackle this I have created a database of all the readily available information.

I have also added a war record for each person taken from the data used to create the Poleaxed Wars of the Roses Sourcebooks. This should help if you are researching a particular battle or looking for people who changed sides.

Database Links

Advanced Database
This version uses Google Sheets and is searchable by loyalty, battle honours and both livery colours.  The bad news is: it hasn't worked well as a publicly shared resource.

Everyone must be is allowed to edit the sheet to enter data.  Sadly, this means that some users have broken the sheet with random use of cut and paste, and other edits they didn't undo, when they should have been using the drop-down lists.

Today (Sun 27 August, 2023) I have just spent twenty minutes repairing the public version to its original state.  However I have decided that having this online is not sensible.  Therefore, I have removed all links to the advanced database, and restricted access for all existing users to "view only".

It's not a change I wanted to make but once the sheet is broken it's broken for everybody and constantly checking and repairing the sheet is not an option.

For those wanting complex searches I will run them for you and send you the results by email.  All you have to do is complete the online form (see above).

Please note: the advanced sheet uses links and functions only available in Google sheets so it cannot be made available for download as an Excel file.

Document History

  • This page underwent a major revision on Mon 29 March, 2021 simplifying the page and removing redundant ways of viewing the database.
  • Further revision on Sun 27 August, 2023 to remove the links to the advanced database and explain why this step has been taken.

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