The Waving Flag: Livery Colour Database

Livery Colour Database

During the Wars of the Roses liveries were very important.  As a wargamer, they are a ready way of identifying units on the tabletop via flags or livery jackets.  However historical details are scarce.   To tackle this I have created a database of all the readily available information.

I have also added a war record for each person taken from the data used to create the Poleaxed Wars of the Roses Sourcebooks. This should help if you are researching a particular battle or looking for people who changed sides.

Database Links

Advanced Database
This version uses Google Sheets and is searchable by loyalty, battle honours and both livery colours.  The bad news is; it doesn't work perfectly.

The issue arises because multiple users are sharing one document.  If a user selects something their choice will be seen immediately by all other users.  This makes searching and printing the results quite a challenge when there are multiple simultaneous users online.

For those wishing to avoid this problem altogether I'll run searches for people and send the results by email.  All you have to do is complete the online form (see above).

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