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Sunday 11 November 2007

Useful Links

I've been sorting through my bookmarks. This is something I do periodically as I do end up with a lot of stuff that I never use. Even so I came across four gems I though I'd mention here:
  • The Vinkhuijzen collection of military uniforms - dating from the 19th century this a great free source of courtesy of the New York Public Library in America. There are nearly 20,000 prints of military costume, medals, regalia, insignia, coats of arms, and regimental flags. Also, there are entries from Argentina to Turkey as well as quite a bit of medieval and renaissance material. Always worth a browse.
  • The UK Battlefields Resource Centre - created by the Battlefields Trust a truly special site with superb coverage of the Wars of The Roses and the English Civil War. Maps, battle plans and background aplenty. Recommended.
  • Breeds of Livestock (Horses) - from Oklahoma State University this site is comprehensive, if lacking a really good overview page, but if you want to lookup a particular breed of horse this is the place. There are a lot of photos but not every page has a photo.
  • Horse Colours - a nice site with lots of photos and some genetics if you want to delve further. Ideal inspiration if you're fed up always painting horses the same three or four colours.

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