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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Horse Colours

Ben Harvey & Matt Fritz over at have produced three useful coloured line drawings of horses that are ideal painting guides:

All the above, and the Roan & Gray colours below, are available as Coat D'Arms paints.  Unsurprisingly most are in the range of horse colours.  In fact the Palomino is the only one that I can’t find.

Thanks guys for a great resource.


Backpackbrewer said...

Hi Martin, I cant seem to find these on the website indicated and think they guys have stopped updating etc. Do you think I could use these guides for an article in Slingshot? I would of course give full credit to the guys even if they are not active anymore

Vexillia said...

Hi Backpackbrewer. You're right seems stripped to the bone. The images are also used in the larger guide mentioned in the first comment. That page may help you track down the author and deal with permissions etc. Would be a great particle for Slingshot.

Backpackbrewer said...

thanks Martin, I'll try and track them down

Vexillia said...

There's very much larger, and more detailed, version available here.

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