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Thursday 9 October 2008

DBMM – It Makes You Wonder

I had to post this exchange from the Yahoo! DBMMlist.  In response to one of the regular threads on the desire of players for clear diagrams and quick reference sheets Phil Barker, the author of DBMM, replied:

“I have never used the diagrams or the QR sheet, neither of which I wanted to include, but Caliver [the publisher] did want [them], so they could boast about them.

The only time I need to refer to the rules is when I'm doing something sneaky and complicated. My only player [sic] aid is the strip of card marked in 50p segments that I measure with.”

Phil Barker, 08 Oct 2008

I’m not surprised that the bloke who wrote the rules doesn’t need any playing aids.  I am disappointed at the assumption that neither should anyone else. It’s not exactly user friendly and borders on hubris

Needless to say this post was followed by a number of replies. The best of which was:

“It must get really difficult for you as DBMM is played in segments of 80 paces!”

David Thompson, 08 Oct 2008

I suppose it just goes to show we’re all human after all.

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