The Waving Flag: Craft Paint Triads By Robert Waller

Saturday 7 February 2009

Craft Paint Triads By Robert Waller

This is a great idea from Robert which allows you to use the three layer painting technique using craft paints instead of the rather expensive Foundry paints. I have various DecoArt, Anita’s and Inscribe paints in my pallet and was instantly attracted to this idea.

Craft paints are readily available in many UK art shops and the bigger stores like Hobbycraft.  At about £1.00 for 60 ml they represent excellent value although the quality can vary widely within and across brands.  Robert has three lists online:
The brown list is the biggest but I was particularly interested in the red triads because getting and shading a range of decent reds is a real challenge with acrylic paints due to limitations on the pigments available. The brown list will also help you achieve the various horse colours I posted in June 2008.

For more good stuff check out Robert’s blog: The League Of Ordinary Gamers.

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Vexillia said...

The list of triads was updated using links from the Internet Archive as the originals were no longer available.

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