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Sunday 12 April 2009

DBR: A Few Resources

As I’ve said before in addition to DBMM I also play DBR. I enjoy the different way this DBx system plays with a much greater feel of units and less need to care about the  flanks.

Quick Reference Sheet

Earlier I was trawling through some old files when I came across a play sheet I developed in 2006 and thought I’d post it here as a pdf download. This is a15 mm version and it uses cm as the unit of measure for speed of play.

I know that rules writers have to use a “universal measure”, like paces, to cater for multiple scales but the idea of a play sheet is to help you play as quickly as possible not to test your mental arithmetic skills every 10 seconds.  If you need a version in paces then it’s here.

Start Up Guide

Unfortunately, DBR isn’t as well supported as DBMM so there are less resources about but this afternoon I did stumble across a start up and weather guide on a site from New Zealand.

I was impressed with the guide and especially the deployment diagram. The only drawbacks I spotted were some inconsistencies in nomenclature and formatting.  The worst being that attacker and invader were used interchangeably.  Also all measurements were in paces.  So I set about revising the sheet mainly so that all distances were in cm.  I started with a new deployment diagram:

As I was doing this I realised that the guide could flow more smoothly if the sections were reordered slightly.  For example, I moved the area feature definitions closer to the section on terrain placement.  Finally, to get my version to fit on one page I had to tighten the wording a touch.  The resulting guide is here.

I’d like to thank the New Zealander for inspiring me to do this and providing the original start up guide.

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airhead said...

Thanks for the links, very useful.

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