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Saturday 16 May 2009

Navwar :: Excellent Service

As regular readers may have spotted, I’m using a lot of Navwar’s late medieval and renaissance figures in my latest Islamic Persian / Timurid project.   Their Roundway range is not as well known as say Essex or Donnington but I like the figures and they seem to suit my painting style. They are also only £1.50 a pack.

Until recently I’d been picking up odd packs from show traders and the “Bring and Buy” then working on the techniques needed for this highly colourful and patterned period.

A couple of weeks ago I realised that I’d gathered so much lead that I needed to get organised.  Sorting through the mini lead mountain I worked out I needed a few extra cloth barded horses for the superior cavalry like those above.

It’s well known that Navwar don’t use email or PayPal and they are only available to answer the telephone on Saturdays.  In this internet age this may seem to be old fashioned; even awkward.  I’ve seen them pilloried on web forums for this approach.

They do however have a web site at which gives a fax number.  So I sent them a fax, using Free FAX, asking if they’d sell me a couple of dozen horses as a special order.  The following Saturday I received a voice mail agreeing to do this for a very reasonable price.

I decided to order the horses and add some regular packs. I posted the order last Monday.  The order arrived on Wednesday which is very quick.  I checked the packs and spotted three incompletely cast lances.  This was just one of those things and I returned them the same day asking for replacements.  These duly arrived this morning; together with a stamp to cover my costs.

This is excellent service, prompt and no hassle. Well done Navwar.

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James said...

Lovely neat painting and basing as always!
We have been spoilt by "instant" gratification of internet buying and seeing what we want to buy at the click of a mouse.
Only a few years ago part of the fun of buying figures mail order was that you never really knew what you had ordered until it came through the letter box.
But yes that is good service by any standards.

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