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Tuesday 21 July 2009

Medieval Soldier Database On line

Both the BBC and The Independent ran this story today.  In essence the work is an online database based on evidence from the muster rolls:
“The website contains 250,000 records of soldiers who fought in the Hundred Years War between 1369 and 1453, and includes the names of archers who served with Henry V at Agincourt.”

The work started in 2006 and is led by Professors Anne Curry and Adrian Bell. Curry is well known for her 2006 book on Agincourt and her view that the English weren’t outnumbered 4:1 but a mere 3:2.  Coincidentally, she has a new book on Agincourt due in October.

The project web address is and the database address is  At present the database sever seems to be suffering from very high demand and is not responding well.  So it might be worth delaying your visit until after the rush has died down.

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