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Tuesday 14 July 2009

Spotter’s Guide To Wargamers

Geoff Cooper of Wellington (NZ) Warlords has written a lengthy, and oh so true, article on the various types of wargamers.  They range from Bunny through Trainspotter to Dice Nazi of all things. 

My regular opponent brought this to my attention earlier today.  We had great fun trying to identify each other and our friends and fellow club members.

To give you a taste here’s shortened versions of my favourites:

  1. The Grumbler has an much higher opinion of their ability then is actually the case. They blame dice, rules design, your army list; anything to explain why it was that they lost, and [simultaneously] why they should have won.
  2. The Trainspotter is fascinated by the minutiae of their period. They welcome long technical discussions about [wheel nuts] but have their uses as they can be an excellent source of period knowledge.
  3. The Statistician will be able to tell you what their dice 'should' have been and in extreme cases will calculate the odds against something that just happened.

Do read the full article as there are 14 types in all and Geoff has a really amusing line in examples.  Highly recommended.

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