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Saturday 26 September 2009

DBMM For The Befuddled :: Impetuous Moves

This is a quick plug for a new survey that I set up a couple of weeks ago to explore the extent of befuddlement about one of the more basic areas of DBMM: the impetuous advance.

There are five scenarios to test your knowledge of the rules. Be careful some of them are a bit tricky.  So far 29 people have taken the survey and it’s clear that befuddlement abounds.  The survey will be closed next week and the results made public.

I also planned to use the survey results to write an article here as part of the DBMM For The Befuddled series explaining the issues involved.  At the moment this looks unlikely because I’m struggling to get an authoritative answer from my “usual sources”.

I’ve pointed out this weakness with DBMM before but I’m still hopeful that I’ll get something sorted in the next couple of weeks.  Fingers crossed everyone.

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PatG said...

I almost certainly got them all wrong but I'm looking forward to enlightenment!

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