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Tuesday 13 April 2010

Field Of Glory :: Turn Indicator I

I’m due to play Field of Glory on Sunday but this time James Hamilton won’t be there to help.  During the first game I experienced a little difficulty keeping track of the turn sequence.  Nothing major just an over reliance on James to keep track of the sequence.

Before our next game on Sunday Graham, my regular opponent, suggested I make a simple turn indicator to help us keep track.  By coincidence this was already on my to-do list: great minds and all that.

Making one is easy.  Once the dial has been designed there are only three steps:
  • Print the image on the right on to a self adhesive CD label
  • Stick the label onto a clear plastic spacer from a stack of recordable CDs
  • Super glue an arrow spinner to the underside of the spacer
This is an adaptation of my DBMM weather vane from June 2008.   I hope this proves useful if you too are learning Field of Glory.

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