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Monday 18 October 2010

MAWS Foursomes

Last Sunday saw a mini-competition at MAWS as Graham Hutchinson (in action below), Eddie Roberts, Dave Redhead and I played two rounds of 650 point Field of Glory in an afternoon.

The games were played on a 5’ by 3’ table, time limited to 2.5 hours and period specific in that army post 1400 AD was welcome.  In the end we had an Eastern European themed competition but this was more luck than anything else:

Graham Hutchinson Late Russian
Eddie Roberts Late Hungarian
Dave Redhead Middle Hungarian
Martin Stephenson Late Polish

It was the first time I’d played in over a month and I needed to concentrate very hard during the first game but I wasn’t the only one:

The results of the four games were:
Dave 23 - 2 Graham
Martin 25 - 0 Eddie
Graham 11 - 9 Eddie
Dave 15 - 5 Martin

The second round games were much harder fought and both were unfinished although Graham & Eddie's game was close to a conclusion.  Even so Dave emerged as a clear winner with 38 points.  Well done to Dave not only did he win but he dodged my camera too!

We’ll be doing this again later this year but I think we’ll have to limit the number of terrain pieces as the smaller table can get very crowded.

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