Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Medieval Village Under Construction

The Junior General paper soldier site continues to grow.  Interestingly, there’s now a selection of free paper terrain available.

I particularly liked the medieval house by Michael Krein and decided to have a go as we need something to represent a village in Field of Glory.  One of my efforts is shown on the right.

I’ve made three now and have a further three to do.  It took 5-10 minutes to build each one and another 5-10 to paint the folds.  It took far longer to do the basing than make the models.

Anyway here’s a few tips:
  • Use the thickest card that your printer will allow. The roof is a bit weak in the middle; just where you want to pick them up.
  • Score all folds lightly first before cutting out the main building.  Obvious I know but much easier before any cutting than afterwards. 
  • The tabs provided with the model are fine but I experimented with larger tabs, needing fewer cuts, to speed up the whole process and strengthen the final model. 
  • Be prepared to paint the corners and roof folds as the white card shows through.  I used dilute burnt umber.
  • I also washed the roof with dilute burnt umber, and touched up the windows with black, as some of the ink rubbed off the card whilst I was cutting the model out.
  • Use something weighty as a base.  In my case I had some circular metal discs given to me my someone who works in washing machine factory where they are scrap.
I don’t know how long these will last in the terrain box but at least we’ve now got something; I suppose time will tell.  As they are made of paper and scrap they cost very little to replace.

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