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Saturday 8 January 2011

Emulsion Paints For Painting Terrain :: Options

I’m in the process of working out a decent colour scheme for painting some new terrain pieces I’m developing with Graham.  The pieces are designed to be one step up from pieces of felt and just as easy to transport to and from games.

This week I tried two colour schemes both over a surface textured with sand and talus  Firstly, cheap burnt umber acrylic and static grass; and secondly a grey and green combination based on a grey spray primer and cheap green craft paint.

I’m already convinced first scheme is not really an option; too much work and it looks far too false.  The second was quick enough to do but I’m still not convinced as the highlighting washed out the green patches.

Looks like I’ll need to do more trails but the first two reminded me how much paint you use doing terrain pieces. So I intend to switch to emulsion paints and use the various test pots are available at £1-2 each. 

I had a look in B&Q (UK hardware chain) on Thursday but didn’t spot anything amongst the vast choice of colours they have on display.  So I decided to post a request on TMP to see what other’s were using.  So far I’ve had five sets of suggestions:

Name Paint Notes
James Roach Wholemeal Honey 1 Sand scheme. Mixed & highlighted with ivory - photo.
Peter Kershaw Sunbaked Terracotta Sand scheme - photo.
Derek Hodge Tawny Crest 1 , Rich Praline 2 & Expresso Delight 1 Light to dark scheme.
Olaf the Hairy Espresso Shot Dark earth when highlighted.
von Paulus 10YY 17/140 (Pebble Mosaic ?) Dark earth.
Original TMP thread

Thanks to all who responded.  I’ll post more once I’ve done a few more trails.
Update: Mon, 10 Jan 2011

I decided to repeat the question on WD3 and here are the replies I got:

Name Paint Notes
Simon Mud Hut All purpose.
Bryce Velvet Truffle 2 All purpose - photo.
Ninja636 Kashmir Beige Dark earth?
Subedai 5010Y30R (Dulux tailor made) Light earth (sand?) - photo.
SteveJ 10YY 17/140 (Pebble Mosaic ?) Dark earth
Tuscan Treasure 2 Baked earth: 3 parts with 5 white & 1 brown

Once again thanks to all who responded.


Paul´s Bods said...

I´ve added my method to the thread at TMP but wether you will find the colours??

Vexillia said...

Updated broken links where possible.

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