The Waving Flag: Vapnartak, York 2011

Thursday 10 February 2011

Vapnartak, York 2011

Last Sunday saw my annual trip to Vapnartak at York Racecourse.  You may have read elsewhere how good the venue is but it’s so nice to see a show held in a clean, modern, and well lit location.

Although round one of the Northern league was being held at the show my trip was purely for the pleasure of shopping and catching up with old friends.  Nonetheless once there I couldn’t resist taking a few photos of the competition as a small photo essay.  I concentrated on members of MAWS and old mates with the aim of showing the fun of competition wargaming.

Here’s Geoff Pearson during his second DBMM game against Dave (Inert) Thompson deep in thought and studiously avoiding the camera:

Next we have John Fletcher in the typical wargamer’s pose of “I think it says here …”:

Finally, we have Bob Amey and his partner during their second round FOG game both of whom are showing the tension, pure joy and exhilaration one often experiences as a wargamer:

To all the others who I photographed I apologise; my photography skills were such that the pictures were of questionable quality.  Sorry.

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