The Waving Flag: 15 mm TYW Dragoons

Wednesday 10 October 2012

15 mm TYW Dragoons

My latest pieces for my TYW Danish army:

Donnington figures & horses.  Click image for warts and all image.

The arrangement of gravel, Stiflor tufts, Woodland Scenics bushes and static grass was inspired by the excellent work of Lurkio:

More to come as I struggle to get my FOGR army beyond 650 points.


marco said...

can you explain how you get such a nice result ?

Vexillia said...

The basing sequence is:

[1] Paint edges of the base.
[2] Add first, thin layer of sand. Leave to dry
[3] Pieces of gravel added.
[4] Final layer of sand but only around bases. Leave to dry.
[5] Dry brush sand and pieces of gravel.
[6] Add bushes & tufts.
[7] Dry brush foliage very lightly with yellow paint.
[8] Patches of static grass added (especially covering gaps).
[9] Leave to dry for about 1 hour.

The yellow dry brush helps tie the three greens together without making them all the same colour.

Hope that helps?

marco said...


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