The Waving Flag: Bodley Scott's Comments on FOG R

Sunday 10 March 2013

Bodley Scott's Comments on FOG R

Whilst reading a thread on the release of the latest set of Field of Glory Renaissance errata, I found this comment by FOG author Richard and I think it worth broadcasting to a wider audience:
"I am not a tinkerer. DBMM only exist[s] because I declined to take part in any further tinkering with DBM. However, there are a few niggling issues in FOG R which mar an otherwise surprisingly bulletproof system. There aren't many of these left, so don't expect many more amendments masquerading as errata. Certainly there is no intention to produce a 2nd edition - perhaps ever - the game is good enough not to need one. FOG AM had certain issues that were driving some players away, so really needed an overhaul. FOG R doesn't."
I think this is good news indeed.

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