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Friday 24 May 2013

Field of Glory V2 - Recent Comments

Whilst reading the most recent post on Phil Steele's "Ancients on the Move" blog I came across a slightly worrying comment:
"Our first 8 Doubles games [of FOG V2 Ancient & Medieval] produced just 1 decisive outcome and sadly a whole day's wargaming [at Triples, Northern League round 2] did not add to that total. Despite rattling through as many turns as we could in a losing second game, it still did not reach a natural result within the 3.5 hours. The earlier game was a 10:10 draw with only 2 units broken on each side (of the 30 or so on the table). V2 continues to disappoint in this respect and I am losing interest I think."
From an experienced wargamers like Phil this is a worrying comment. I'll be interested to see if this is a general trend and is reflected in the average points scored. Outright wins result in a five point bonus so more draws should mean a lower average score. I'll do some digging and report back.

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