Sunday, 23 June 2013

Stoke Challenge 2013

After much deliberation I have signed up for this year's Stoke Challenge. I've entered the Field of Glory Renaissance competition. That's three, 650 point games on 5' by 3' tables lasting 2.5 hours each.

It'll be a true test as I've only played two competitive games all year and I don't think I've got the hang of all the subtleties just yet.

After last year I wasn't dead keen to enter but I'd forgotten about the very reasonable 10:00 am start and the ease of parking. Plus Kevin Johnson, the FOGR organiser and list checker, has promised cloths for all tables and the show organisers have promised the raffle won't involve unending shouting like it did last year. Fingers crossed for both the show and my games.

Kevin also provided a really useful deployment diagram for 5' x 3' FOGR tables that I've shown below as it may be of use to others:

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