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Thursday 14 November 2013

The Re-Mystified On Tour :: Walkden 2013

Last Sunday saw my second visit to this year's Northern League competition. This time I took an Italian Wars French army from about 1523 which was very different from the highly mobile TYW Danish army I used in the spring.

I've been playing Field of Glory Renaissance (FOGR) for a full year now and felt I was ready to try a heavy foot army although I anticipated the games would be slow. I was proved right: neither of the games finished within the allotted time.

For this competition report, and all future tour reports, I've decided to switch styles and focus on recording just the key details and will try and avoid writing a narrative in the comments section. Interesting, blow by blow accounts are very hard to write. I'll leave that sort of thing to Tim Porter (aka The Madaxeman).

Game #1 - In period foot slogging.

Opponent: Mark Lewis
Club: Wirral
Army: 1520, German States (Trade & Treachery)
Points: 800
Terrain: Hilly (Opponent's choice)
Result: 5-15 losing draw.

A fair, and historical, match up but, expecting to be facing later armies, I didn't armour the Swiss and Landsknecht pike blocks. This proved the undoing of the Swiss when they came up against two armoured pike blocks. It also proved difficult to protect both flanks, without looses and for long enough, to allow the pike blocks to become fully engaged and do their worst.

Game #2 - What's a bayonet?

Opponent: Adrian Steer
Club: Halifax
Army: 1690, Anglo Danish (Duty and Glory)
Points: 800
Terrain: Agricultural (Opponent's choice)
Result: 9-11 losing draw

Strangely the pike blocks did better against this later army in a fun game. Both did well despite facing two superior battlegroups of pike and shot each. With two mainly foot armies the game was always going to be slow and bloody. Nonetheless, the learning from the first game was put to good use and by the end of game my two battlegroups of Gendarmes had held a flank against three battlegroups of Determined Horse: ably assisted by some light foot and a bit of Light Horse.

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