The Waving Flag: Islamic Persian Camel Gunners Part IV

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Islamic Persian Camel Gunners Part IV

I have finally finished the six Irregular Miniatures camel gunners I bought earlier this year. I posted photos of the first painted figure in June. However, I was unhappy with the shoulder cape which I initially painted to match the coat. After a limited amount of research I decided it was more likely to be leather armour and so I re-painted the first one and the remaining five to look like this:

"True scale" photo:

Warts 'n' all photo:

I did run into one problem: I forgot the paint recipe I had developed for the camels. I wanted to vary the original recipe so that not every camel was the same. I achieved this but by a totally different route. Each camel is different but only because each one was an "unsuccessful" attempt to rediscover the original recipe. Fear not: I managed to remember the recipe in time to do the last camel. They look great en masse as these photos show:

I now have far more painted figures (6) than allowed in the Islamic Persian lists (4) and I've even got enough (10) for the maximum in the Mughal list (10) if I include the Donnington camel gunners I painted earlier.

To add to the madness I have the final two Donnington camel gunners on the painting desk half finished.


Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Don't forget to write down your paint recipe. I find putting a note at then end of blog posts like these is the best way to remember. Even years later, I can find my paint recipes by searching my own blog.

Vexillia said...

You have a point. Now what colours did I end up using after all ... :-)

Monty said...

Fabulous work, I can't wait to see them with the rest of the army!

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