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Wednesday 26 February 2014

Camel Gunners Finished!

Today I finished the last camel gunners for my Eastern renaissance armies (Safavid Persians & Moghuls mainly). As I've mentioned before I now have more painted camel gunners than I can possibly use.
The Field of Glory Renaissance (FOG R) list for the Moghuls has a maximum of 10 camel gunners. The Safavid Persian list has a maximum of 4. After buying another two from Irregular at Vapnartak earlier this month I have 14 and all of them painted! This means I could actually equip both armies at the same time. Such is the madness of wargamers.

When painting the last two figures I wanted to represent damascene metal work on the shields so I decided to practise first. I ended up using standard drawing pins pushed into a wine cork.

Although a little larger than the shield on the model, it proved a worthwhile exercise. For those interested in such things it's basically just gold over a burnt umber base. I did find that outlining the design in Plaka Rot Braun helpful but it's not absolutely necessary. I plan to use the practise shields when I make the baggage camp. Perhaps one leaning against the entrance to a tent. Who knows.

Finally, if you ever wondered what 14 camel gunners would look like en masse here's a few quick group photos to satisfy your curiosity:

Donnington Ottoman Camel Gunners

Irregular Miniatures Persian Camel Gunners

They take up a lot of room in two ranks and so I can't really see me using more than 4 at once but you never know.



Very nice!

Vexillia said...

Thanks James. Coming from you that's extra special.

Phil said...

Excellent work, love the paintjob and the basing...great looking units!

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