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Wednesday 9 April 2014

Re-Mystified on Tour :: Walkden 2014

I'm sorry for the recent hiatus but the last 6-8 weeks have been hectic as it included the financial year end of my business and, as always, there was a lot of paperwork and financial analysis to be done.

Even so I managed to play in the first round of the 2014 Northern League on Sunday, 16 March. I decided to try my 1625 Danish TYW army once again. As always there was a welcoming and friendly atmosphere throughout:

Game #1 - TYW Match Up

Opponent: Adrian Steer
Club: Halifax
Army: Later German TYW (Wars of Religion)
Points: 800
Terrain: Agricultural (Opponent's choice)
Result: 17-8 loss

I played Adrian in the last round in a 9-11 losing draw so I expected a friendly if hard fought game. Adrian's army was class 1 whilst mine was class 2.

The game ended with my army broken just as time was called. It could have gone either way as, going into the last bound, we both only needed to destroy one more battlegroup for victory.

The dice gods favoured Adrian but he was obviously in good form as he went on to win his next game and the round.

Game #2 - Camels!

Opponent: Kevin Johnson
Club: Halifax
Army: West Sudanese (Cities of Gold)
Points: 800
Terrain: Agricultural (Opponent's choice)
Result: 24-1 loss

Camels and bows aplenty was the order of the day for Kevin with the first of his "five armies I've not used before" foray into the 2014 Northern League.

It was the first time I'd faced camels and I provided Kevin with every sort of match up he would have wished for. Other had attacking the camels I'd decided on a patient game which merely handed the initiative to Kevin's massed bows.

Not my finest hour but a lesson learnt for next time.

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