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Wednesday 18 June 2014

Recent Projects

New posts have been a bit scarce since early May. This is partly because I've been busy:
  1. Painting the Turkoman cavalry and Persian shot for my Safavid Persian army for Field of Glory Renaissance.
  2. Writing another article for Miniature Wargames which should be in issue 376 on sale next month.
  3. Painting samples for work. I've set myself the target of painting a further three packs from my 18 mm Napoleonic Ottoman range.
I am over one third of the way through the 54 Turkoman cavalry and two thirds of the way through 72 shot. The big breakthrough came when I realised that I can use Donnington Timurids to add variety and provide command figures for both of these units which are mainly Navwar. I also have used some command figures from Irregular's Renaissance Persian range for the infantry.

After a bit of research, my rationale for using a few select Timurid figures is that the irregular Turkoman cavalry would have used all sorts of armour from the wider region (Mameluke through Ottoman to Persian) in a variety of antique and contemporary styles. Plus some of the Timurid fashions would have persisted well in to the 16th century. Finally, I settled on colour coding scheme for the helmet crests so I can easily identify which battlegroup an element belongs too.

However I began yearning to paint something different and I decided I really ought to paint some more display figures from my 18mm Napoleonic Ottomans. I settled on the three packs of Janissarys in the range. On reflection I realised these figures would actually be usable from the late 15th to the early 19th century as the uniform didn't change much and at 18 mm the later musket will adequately represent most of the various firearms used .

So far I have painted 2 out of three and I've enjoyed it so much I've decided to do a few extra for the third to make a display unit. In the meantime here's a photo of the first unit:

As I've no intention of starting an Ottoman army this unit is for sale. If you're interested sent me an email using the link in the "Salute the Flag" section at the foot of the page.

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