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Wednesday 1 October 2014

Almost Finished

When I switched from DBR to FOG Renaissance I was shocked to find that I didn't have enough painted figures! In almost all instances I have been playing FOGR with armies based on what I have painted.

Needless to say, for the last two years I've been painting various battle groups just to provide more balanced armies and a modicum of  choice. No wonder my Persian project is so far behind.

My Danish TYW army is a case in point. I can field a historically balanced army but only have the bare minimum of infantry. Until now! Today I finished the last 12 figures in a batch of 56 (yes 56!) TYW heavy infantry. When based this will provide 12 elements of Danish Marines and 2 command elements.

This last batch will be varnished tomorrow and then stuck on bases ready for a mass ground work session next week. Here's a slightly out of focus photo of the figures on their painting stands:

All the figures are from the excellent Donnington TYW range with some left over Venexia halbreds.  Like an idiot I have actually painted more than the maximum number of figures allowed in the army lists. Here's a photo of their "mates" showing the scale of this project:

I'm keen to try these on the table top.  In FOG they are classed as Armoured, Heavy Foot with Heavy weapons and are unusual, for the TYW, as they can't shoot.  I'm thinking of using them as either assault troops or artillery guards.

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