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Wednesday 6 May 2015

It's Been A While

April in the UK was warm and sunny. So apart for enjoying the weather I've been getting on trying to finish a 650 point Field of Glory Persian army for the Renaissance competition at the Stoke Challenge. I've even gone as far as writing my list and ticking off the battlegroups as I finish them.

At the moment, I have a few Turcomen to finish, along with a dozen heavy and four elite cavalry. Sadly, the last two involve horse armour with complex patterns. So far the elite horse armour is taking me 2-3 hours each! Luckily I have a quicker method for the heavy cavalry.

I am pleased with my progress so much so that I had to order more heavy cavalry last week as I was in danger of running out. I also took the opportunity to order the extra models required to field an 800 point army. I have two months to get all the above finished and based. It will be close.

For the elite cavalry I wanted to add paper lance pennons but wasn't sure if they were used and what colours were known. A quick post of TMP produced a contemporary image of small red pennons (see below) so I that's what I added.

As a wanted the pennons to be small and pointed I tried a new technique:

  • Cut paper large enough for a dozen pennons.
  • Wrap and shape paper round a piece of brass rod.
  • Stick the halves together with double sided stick tape.
  • Remove the brass rod.
  • Cut each the pennon to size.
  • Stick to the lances with UHU glue.

The sticky tape works just as well as PVA to strengthen the paper and adds enough "support" for the points of the pennons. I was pleased because this produced suitably small and nicely pointed pennons with a lot less hassle.

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