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Saturday 25 July 2015

The UK Ancients Scene

This is quick note to recommend a recent blog post by Tim Porter.

Tim starts with an overview of the French rules "Art De L'Guerre".  About half way through he switches topics and tackles the current state of the Ancient (and Medieval) competition scene in the UK.

He raises some very interesting & pertinent points: especially that we may never see another "unifying" set of rules like DBM.

It's also good to see someone else highlighting the fragmented nature of the current UK competition scene.  It's something I have often mentioned in my posts about the UK's Northern League.

Although I struggled with some of the writing the essence of the post is something we should all be talking about and Tim's post deserves as broad an audience as possible.

If you care about the future of ancient wargaming join the debate on Tim's blog.

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