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Tuesday 8 March 2016

Articles Page Update

The majority of my published articles now have epub versions to download alongside the pdf versions. 

The epub files should be useful to those of you who have a dedicated ereader or an ereader app on your phone or tablet.  They can also be easily read online in a browser if you have the right extension installed.

I was nudged into doing this because Google have just added a new feature allowing you to create epub files directly from Google Docs. 

I thought it would be easy.  Like all things technical it wasn’t.  The Google export didn’t always produce properly laid out epub documents especially with older source documents.  I resorted to Sigil to correct any errorrs, add metadata, contents, headings and ensure the files are valid epub2. 

One word of warning.  Google creates ebooks in the newer epub3 format. You may run into validation issues if, like me, your software only validates epub2 files.  Nothing major, once I realised what was causing them, just time consuming.

For completness, the latest version of Sigil (0.9.3) deals with both epub2 and the new epub3 standard. I used Sigil 0.8.2 which is for the epub2 standard.  It would be worth checking your software before you start messing about with epub files.

Have fun,  Any problems let me know.

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