The Waving Flag: The End Of An Era

Monday 5 September 2016

The End Of An Era

I’ve not been to MAWS (Manchester Area Wargames Society) since the first months of this year as I’m taking a “sabbatical” from wargaming to recharge my batteries.

In the meantime it looks like the club has been hit by a major problem.  It’s so big that it even made the local paper (Manchester Evening News) although I’m not sure the headline does wargamers any favours:

Overall the piece is sympathetic, avoids the usual clichés and clearly explains why a move is necessary:
Stephen [O’Neill, MAWS Chairman] said: “The hall needs a lot of investment and unfortunately there is not enough money to repair everything. It is sad because it’s our home.”
Although the piece asks for help in finding a new venue, as far as I know, the club has already found a new hall but the situation regarding Sunday games is unclear. 
More news as it happens.

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