The Waving Flag: Transylvanian Renaissance Hussars

Tuesday 4 October 2016

Transylvanian Renaissance Hussars

Another simple post.  I bought these as samples at Britcon as I am think of building a Transsylvanian ally for an Early German Protestant army of the TYW.

They are 15 mm figures from Donnington and I really enjoyed painting them.  The codes are EC04 & 06 on TYH06.  I’ll be using them as “Bow, Sword” Light Horse.

I particularly liked how the faces turned out on these figures:

Here’s my inspiration and some more photos:

I’m sorry I can’t give source for the book this came from.  The image was found via a Google image search and there was just the image; so no web page with details. If you know where it’s from leave a comment.


Swampster said...

Very nice.

Swampster said...

The pics look like Somogyi's work - perhaps or

Vexillia said...

Thanks and I think you are right. The second link is probably the best. The first one is weird.

Vexillia said...

Found it on Amazon for £9.99 plus postage.

Swampster said...

I have a couple of his books - lots of useful pictures.

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