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Wednesday 1 November 2017

Change To The RSS Feed

Until today the main RSS feed for this blog contained all the text of each post. I usually prefer it this way as you can read the posts in an RSS reader rather than have to visit the site.

Unfortunately, there's an increasing trend of "harvesting" sites.  They use full RSS feeds to transfer posts from blogs like mine to their own blog.  All without asking permission. I'm not talking about the various news & compilation sites which just post links and snippets.

The "harvesting" blogs are set up to re-post content automatically and seem to be created solely to make money from advertising. Of course I get nothing in return for my work.

To make this process a little harder for the "harvesters" I have changed the way the RSS feed works. It now contains just a short section of the post and a link to the original page. If you use RSS to follow this blog I hope you will understand why I've made this change.

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