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Tuesday 5 June 2018

ADLG: Top 10 Tournament Armies

I suppose I should have included this list in my previous post on Super Armies but as the table below shows they are in fact nearly all fairly average.

In time honoured fashion the top ten most popular armies are, in reverse order:

Army TitlePeriodPlayedEfficacy
86Late Imperial RomanRoman period48940.1
224CondottieriLate Medieval48950.6
109Sassanid PersianRoman period49359.2
9Assyrian & SargonidAncients50352.0
40Alexander the GreatClassical53652.7
87Patrician RomanRoman period54754.6
79Classical IndianClassical54854.2
128Nikephorain ByzantineDark Ages67954.9

These armies have an efficacy rating of 51.4 +/- 5.5% compared to 48.9 +/- 10.9 for all listed armies.

Hardly super but possibly slightly more dependable?


Khusru said...

Looks like Severus did the right thing. Much maligned but with a winning army. At least on the wargames table.

Vexillia said...

Yes there's a Roman army is in the top 10. Not sure about a "winning army" though.

LIR is in 10th spot in terms of popularity but with a below average efficacy rating and by far the lowest in the top ten by quite some margin.

Vexillia said...

Edited the post to make it clearer that this is the top ten most popular armies not the best performing armies.

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