Saturday, 25 August 2018

We All Make Mistakes

At Britcon I bought three packs of figures. One of them is shown below. They are Essex (RNO2 Azab/Turk Javelinmen). As always I really enjoyed painting them. I've painted so many Essex figures over the years that I now find them relaxing to paint.

I had to file the fez/hat down as I wanted them to represent Afghan javelinmen for my Timurid Art de la Guerre (ADLG) army.

Where's the mistake I hear you ask! Well in ADLG javelinmen are not light infantry but light medium infantry. So I should have bought two packs and placed three figures on each base. Doh!

As a result I now have four bases of javelin armed light infantry that don't belong in any of my armies. Never mind they were fun to paint. Any suggestions?


  1. Just use them anyway, declare the fact of what they represent before a game.

  2. LOL I will take them off you :-) "Free to a good home", though seriously try flogging them on EBAy

  3. They are nicely done, sure they will sell quickly.

  4. use them as rear rankers for the three man bases?

    1. Now that's an idea but I'll have to wait until I've bought and painted the front rank bases.


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