The Waving Flag: Tudor Commanders At Bosworth 1485

Wednesday 10 April 2019

Tudor Commanders At Bosworth 1485

This completes another small project: a set of Tudor commanders to lead my War of the Roses army. Henry Tudor was finished in December last year but now he has the support of two of his famous sub-commanders:

The figures are all from Roundway. I really like the figures for their late 15th century look and because the sculpting isn't overly complicated.

I chose John de Vere & Rhys ap Thomas to support Henry Tudor in his quest for the throne of England:

The figures are from various packs and, as before, I've mixed the horses. The knights on the far left are RKG2 (German Gothic Armour). The heraldic flag bearers are RKF2 (France Mounted Page). The figures on the far right are either RKF3 (France Squire) or RKF1 (France Men At Arms). Finally the livery flag bearers are from RKE3 (England Mounted Command) but I've replaced the cast flags they came with. The latter is an educated guess as the figures came loose as part of a job lot.

As you can see my War of the Roses sub-commanders are heavily influenced by the French fashions in armour and horse barding.

Notes on Roundway Figures
The Roundway medieval Europe range consist of "old school" 15 mm figures (unlike the eastern European ranges which are much closer to 18 mm and probably sculpted later). They are also quite narrow. This means it's relatively easy to create a vignette with four mounted figures on a 40 by 40 mm base providing you stagger the models slightly.

I know from previous experience that the cavalry will blend with Essex figures providing you boost the height of the Roundway models by placing a few layers of card under the base. Sadly the medieval European infantry are noticeably different.

If you fancy some Roundway figures be prepared to do a little bit of filling as the moulds are now quite old. I've had to fill quite a few nooks and crannies with Milliput. It wasn't difficult just tedious. On the plus side it made them a touch easier to paint.

Free heraldic flags, links to the livery flags (also free) and biographies.

Sir Henry Tudor, 2nd Earl of Richmond, 1457 - 1509

Sir John de Vere of Hedingham, 13th Earl of Oxford, 1442 - 1512

Sir Rhys ap Thomas of Dinefawr

The livery flags are here and the biographies are here. The biographies are taken from the excellent Freezywater books.


Drew Jarman said...

I will be blogging my R3 commanders in a short while!

Vexillia said...

Be sure to post a link here.

Drew Jarman said...

Heres my blog on King Richard III elements

Vexillia said...

Here's a full link to Drew's post to save you cutting & pasting.

Drew Jarman said...

Henry Tudors element at Bosworth Field 1485, because I had the figures spare. Henry Tudor at Bosworth Field 1485

Drew Jarman said...

Part 2 of my Richard the Third army update now on my blog

Vexillia said...

Upgraded the photos.

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