The Waving Flag: 15 mm Early Medieval Horde (Essex)

Friday 1 January 2021

15 mm Early Medieval Horde (Essex)

As mentioned in yesterday's post here's the pictures of the newly finished early medieval horde, or levy bases.  They are the latest bases to be finished as part of my end of year "finishing things" phase and are intended to be driven in front of my Timurid army:

The figures are assorted Essex plus some odd figures from the scrap pile.  My intention is that they represent more eastern European civilians rather than eastern or Chinese townsfolk.  I think this fits with the somewhat random 12th to 13th century look of the figures:

I already have some horde bases with a more middle eastern look; again from Essex.  They were painted as part of a previous "clearing the lead pile" phase a few years ago.  However, I think they look more like levy infantry than prisoners of war driven before their captors:

As these bases are 40 by 30 mm they can be used, in Art de la Guerre (ADLG) at least, as either levy or heavy infantry and may be pressed into service as the latter once we're allowed to play wargames once again.

One final note.  The figures in the penultimate photo contains a large number of figures recently described by a prominent, podcasting wargamer as amongst the most boring figures.  I can't remember which podcast it was but he was definitely referring to the figures with spears.  They are simple figures I'll grant you but I found that, with a little effort & imagination, they can be anything but boring. What do you think?

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thefrenchjester said...


your paintwork on them is the best answer to the podcaster ;-)

( ok I must admit that Essex Miniatures is my prefered brand since I began to paint figures, easy to convert ,bend and paint )

Kind regards.


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