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Monday 19 July 2021

First Game Since November 2018

On Sunday, 18 July 2021 I travelled from Warrington to the Wirral to play Art de la Guerre (ADLG) with Gareth Jones. This was to be my first game of ADLG since November 2018 and my first game with the new version released earlier this year.

After a hot & sweaty 30 minute drive I arrived at the Wargame Store, Brimstage.  It's in a complex of converted farm buildings very close to junction 10 of the M53:

Here's a photo of the gaming space.  We were the only ones using it so it was very quiet.  It's upstairs in the roof space but, surprisingly

I decided to use an Ilkhanid Mongol army against Gareth's Medieval German's.  For my list see below.  I chose this army as it's simple enough for a learning game whilst providing a tough opponent for a broad range of armies.

This is the table before the first move.  My army has the lighter bases:

The game was tense with errors on both sides.  Gareth had a chance to win right at the end.  He'd attacked my fortified camp and had a one in three chance of taking it but the dice were against him.

In fairness the game didn't throw up many things involving the new bits in version 4.  There were some but nothing taxing.  Overall it was fun but the shooting and combat factors just wouldn't stick so I'll have to work on that.

Phil Ashworth turned up midway through the game just to say hello.  That was a nice thing to do especially as Phil was struggling a bit having recently has a hip replaced.

No game is complete without a post-mortem in the car park.  Gareth is second from the right with Phil on the far right.  Not sure who the other blokes are.

My approach to this list was to maximise command & control and not use many elite troops. The latter would compensate for the former and keep the army reasonably large at 26 units.  I also chose to field most of the allied troops as mediocre.

After the game I revised the list to remove the included generals and all the mediocre allied troops.  The included allied general in the first list is a liability as an impetuous medium knight.  The changes drop the army from 26 to 24 units which isn't too serious.

On Monday, and on further reflection, I produced a second (compromise) revision with some mediocre spearmen.  This allowed me to bump the army up to 25 units.

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Vexillia said...

Corrected the title. My last game was in 2018 not 2019.

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