The Waving Flag: 15 mm Medieval Russian Archers (Essex)

Monday 23 August 2021

15 mm Medieval Russian Archers (Essex)

I continue to make steady progress with my Medieval Russian army for Art de la Guerre (ADLG).   This batch provides all the medium and light archers I will ever need for ether the Feudal or Muscovite variant of the army.

The next figures for this army will be some peasant levy followed by some medium cavalry.  When they are done I'll have completed my first list.

Loose Medium Infantry Archers
These photos only show three ADLG units (6 bases) as my light box isn't big enough to take good photos of bigger groups.

Of course there's always a few figures left over so I actually have more than I need (10 bases instead of 8).   I decided to paint the extras at the same time so that the colour palette was consistent and matches that I used for the spearmen

Light Infantry Archers
With the figures left over and I had the choice of basing them as either 3 bases of light infnatry or 2 of loose medium infantry (1 ADLG unit). I decided on the latter if only because in the past I've have a tendency to paint far too many light infantry figures.


For both sets of figures I've used the same simple flags I used for the spearmen.

Figures used
The majority are EMED31 Russian 1300-1500: Archers with a figure from EMED30 Russian 1300-1500: Spearmen with Kite Shield for one of the standard bearers and a few command figures from XMED2 Generic Eastern European: Command.

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