The Waving Flag: 15 mm Russian Medieval Camp For ADLG

Tuesday 28 December 2021

15 mm Russian Medieval Camp For ADLG

No army is complete without a camp so here is my medieval Russian camp.  Like many things with this army, details are scare.  Therefore I've used a somewhat generic approach:

I'd like to thank Duncan Head for pointing me to this gold or cream tent from the reign of Ivan the Terrible. This is a little later than I'd like but then again things didn't change that rapidly in late medieval Russia.

In the end I decided on square tents (for something different) and a cream colour scheme.  My choice was influenced by another link from Duncan; this time to a video of a "Russian Old Settlement".  Obviously modern, the video features lots of plain, cream (re-enactors?) tents in many shapes and sizes including a square one.

With this army I may be tempted to use, or should that be experiment with, field fortifications (Gulay Gorod) so I've also built six bases (the maximum allowed in Art de la Guerre) but when finished I realised I could also use them to designate a fortified camp:

Models used
The tents are from Alternative Armies: MRS6 Herald Tent and some baggage items from my spares box courtesy of Irregular Miniatures but I couldn't find the latter online so they may have been show purchases.

One point to note: if you look at the Tent on the Alternative Armies web site you'll see that the tent has a slight lean.  One of the tents I received was like this and required two thin pieces of card undermeath one edge to level it before it was stuck to the base.

The barriers are also from Alternative Armies: HOT56 Wooden Palisades.  They come in packs of 10 but the moulds are showing signs of wear and the surface is getting a bit too rough.  The first set I purchased were much smoother.

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