The Waving Flag: ADLG: Northern League (Leeds, 20 Mar 2022)

Friday 25 March 2022

ADLG: Northern League (Leeds, 20 Mar 2022)

Sunday dawned bright and clear.  I was up very early, for me at least, and met with Gareth Jones & Thrasyvoulos Drakoulis for the trip across the Pennines.

By the time we arrived at the Leeds Wargaming Club's excellent new premises (lucky people) I was almost awake and ready for the first game.

The first round of the Northern League had a medieval theme and I was taking my newly finished Muscovite Russian army for their first competition.  The initial entrants are listed below but real life considerations meant that things were slightly different on the day:

As it turned out there were a lot of "heavy metal" foot armies, more than I expected, but with bow armed cavalry and mediocre spear surely I would have nothing to worry about?  As it turned out I had quite a lot to worry about.

Date 20 Mar 2022
Rules Version 4
Status Northern League 1st Round
Venue Leeds Wargaming Club
Army Muscovite Russian
Army list 270.0.07
Army number 250
Army date 1450 AD
Results Official results grid

I finished eighth of ten with 112 points. All in all not a bad days wargaming.  I've had worse.

This was not as good as my last competition where I finished seventh of twelve with 143 points from three draws.  I think the big difference this time was I didn't have any knights and the spear I was using were mediocre so not as much punch and weaker infantry.

Game #1

Opposition Dave Wengraf
Army War of the Roses
Army number 247
Army date 1486
Initiative Won
My Posture Defender
Terrain Steppe
Game time 02:30
Attrition Scores 12/23 to 18/25
Decisive No
Points 49 - 43
Result Losing draw

A classic mismatched set of armies.  Having narrowed the battlefield with a river, Dave wanted me to charge headlong into his massed longbows and heavy infantry.  He even tried taunting me with accusations of cowardice.  I patiently worked both flanks and waited until his battle line fragmented.  Once he offered isolated units or small groups as targets I started to take my chances.  Not a bad start to the day.

Game #2

Opposition Mick Hood & Paul Cole
Army Scots Isles and Highlanders
Army number 187
Army date 1493
Initiative Lost
My Posture Defender
Terrain Plain
Game time 01:45
Attrition Scores 14/24 to 25/25
Decisive Yes
Points 89 - 21
Result Loss

This game didn't last long. I lost the initiative and again fought on a narrowed battlefield; a coast this time.  Massed heavy infantry with two handed weapons marched rapidly across the table giving me little room to manoeuvre.  Forced into far too many disadvantageous combats the army broke easily.  Mick & Paul were a delight to play against.  As the picture shows they were playing for fun

Game #3

Opposition Thrasyvoulos Drakoulis
Army Medieval Anglo-Irsih
Army number 234
Army date 1415
Initiative Lost
My Posture Defender
Terrain Forrest
Game time 02:30
Attrition Scores 17/24 to 17/25
Decisive No
Points 48 - 53
Result Winning draw

Bottom table for my third game against one of my travelling companions.  Again I faced units armed with two handed weapons or spears but thankfully on a full width table.  Despite a full on attack by heavy infantry on my right I was able to delay them for the whole game and even managed to spring a trap right at the end as they tried to get past a village.  Meanwhile my left flank suffered appalling command dice and only really came into the game towards the end.

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