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Saturday, 12 March 2022

Wargaming is ...

A recent question on the Society of Ancients forum set me thinking.  The question was: "How do you define wargaming?".  Most of the replies were quite long, and a bit serious, but it seemed to me that a few pithy replies might define my hobby better.  So here are my slightly tongue-in-cheek thoughts.

Wargaming is ...

  • Something people do with toys.
  • Niche and tribal.
  • A way to pass lots of time.
  • Something you talk about more than you do.
  • Always good for an argument.
  • A relatively cheap hobby that wargamers think is expensive.
  • Something people like to spend their money on.
  • Having a lot of unpainted & unused toys.
  • Of inordinate monetary value (especially when selling off old toys on eBay).
  • Something your partner approves of as it's "harmless".

Care to add your thoughts?  Comment away.

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