The Waving Flag: 15 mm Arab Medium Cavalry (Forged in Battle)

Sunday 18 June 2023

15 mm Arab Medium Cavalry (Forged in Battle)

After a run of non-hobby posts, normal service is resumed.  These figures came from two packs of light/medium cavalry.  I bought two packs so I could have javelin armed light cavalry (which I forgot to photograph) and a mix of javelin and lance armed medium cavalry.

I only needed 20 of the 26 figures I bought (8 light & 12 medium) but I'm sure the spares will come in handy for command bases etc.

One good thing is that I was able to create a large pool of horse castings as all the cavalry packs I bought used the same horses.  In all there were 7 different types, some more frequent than others, and I was able to ensure the common poses were evenly spread.

Sadly, four of the horse poses had crossed fore legs, two badly and two not so badly, but more of this below.

Figure review
The figures are all Forged in Battle's WE-AC02 Arab medium/light cavalry.

The riders are well up to the usual standard of Forged in Battle but the horses are a different matter.  Looking at their website it is clear that the same horses are used for many different ranges.  Nothing wrong with that.  However, this has meant that the moulds have been heavily used and it shows.

Cleaning the horse casting took quite a long time and certain poses had their fore legs buckled/crossed in a most unnatural manner.  Not only would these horses not stand unaided, I ended up having to cut one leg from the base (under the hoof) and straighten the leg with pliers.  I then had to bend the whole model to balance it and get the horse to look something like upright.

With the infantry models I have repeatedly noted that some details do not have sharp edges making painting more difficult.  Sadly, the same applies to some of the horse tack prolonging painting quite a bit.

Finally, some of the horse tails have very sharp points which would not hold paint no matter what I did.  Until that is, I took a file to the them.  This step is strongly advised or you'll have bare metal showing after the first game.


Flags to download
The flag I've used is one of those I posted in August last year. My only regret is that the flags are so narrow that it's almost impossible to drape them so they look somewhat static; if accurate.

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Norm said...

Beautifully done. Shame about the horses and quality control.

Vexillia said...

I spoke about the horse issue with the bloke in charge of the Forged in Battle stand at Phalanx (St Helens, UK) on Saturday. A few things emerged from the chat.

Firstly, he was completely unaware of the issue until I showed him an example from one of the new packs on his stand. Secondly, he was of the opinion that £60 plus labour costs (his estimate) was too much to pay to put it right by making a fresh mould. Finally, I got the impression that they are unlikely to renew the mould until it breaks down and results in excessive flash.

Having been "in the trade" I said that the costs were a touch on the high side and pointed also out that they will pale into insignificance once customers start returning horses in numbers (which clearly hasn't happened yet; I know I'm picky). Ha’p’orth of tar and all that.

The other bloke running the stand rolled his eyes when I made the customer comment as if to say "too true" so perhaps things might be discussed further in private: who knows? Don't hold your breath.

dark_melancholy said...

I've had similar issues with their horses, including the two halves of horses not matching, as if somehow they put two different moulds together. It's a shame because their miniatures are excellent and these horses really let the range down. I suppose I should've complained.

Vexillia said...

Thanks. It's always good to know you're not alone.

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