The Waving Flag: 28 mm Arab Commander (Irregular Miniatures)

Friday 4 August 2023

28 mm Arab Commander (Irregular Miniatures)

This is something of a first: a 28 mm figure!

As regular readers will have seen, I usually paint 15 mm figures but for some strange reason I was overcome by an urge to paint something larger.  So, when I was shopping for a few random 15 mm command figures, I strayed into the 28 mm portion of the web shop and bought a super sized commander for my Art de la Guerre (ADLG) Arab army.

The figure is a Fatimid commander so it doesn't fit incredibly well with my Early Arab conquest theme but I don't care.  It fits a little better with the later Andalusian army I'll be using in this October's "King in the North" competition in York.

The figure is based on a magnetised 40 mm plywood base which is the same size as my 15 mm ADLG command bases.  My plan is to use it as my CinC during the competition.

Apparently 28 mm commanders with 15 mm rank and file is what the "cool kids" do these days.   After the competition he will be retired and placed in my new display cabinet.

Painting notes
I decided to use the same limited colour palette as I used for my 15 mm figures; more out of curiosity than anything else.  It transferred well to the larger scale although I did use a slightly lighter final highlight.  Larger images for inspection:

After painting so many 15 mm figures the detail on this figure was not a problem.  In fact I painted this very quickly; once I'd settled on the colour scheme.  I did have to keep reminding myself to use a larger brush.

Figure review
The model is Irregular Miniatures' C17 "Fatmid [sic] infantry officer".  The figure comes with either a sword or mace but there's no option to select which weapon.  I'm sure a quick email will help if you require a specific weapon.

As with lots of models from Irregular, they are so much better painted.  The model had little or no flash, or mould lines, and was very easy to paint.  My only wish would have been for slightly more definition in the armour.

As to the sculpting, the left arm holding the shield looks just a little odd.  It was unusal enough that my wife drew my attention to it when she looked at the bare metal. I think it looks a touch too short for some reason; nothing serious though.

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