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Thursday 21 September 2023

DBA 3.0 Army Design Tool

I haven't played De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) for decades, but I do own a copy of the latest version.  Who knows I may use it one day.

I built this a few months ago after I spotted a nearly full data set on the Fanaticus DBA forum.  This was just before I left the forum and was looking for a small data project to occupy some dead time.  

It's really very simple and should be quicker than parsing an army list.  I've also put together a simple video showing how to use the database, how to reset it and to highlight the check sum feature.

Tech tip
YouTube automatically calculates the resolution of videos based on the screen size of the embedded video and so the above defaults to a low resolution (360p).  To see the video at it's best click the "Settings" icon (Gear symbol) and select 480p from the "Quality" menu.  This is especially useful if you prefer to watch the video in a "pop-out" window.

Get your own copy
If you use Google Docs, use this link to create your own copy.   If you don't, use this link to download a copy.  The downloaded version isn't quite as pretty but, in my limited tests, works fine.

Data issues
Some lists had to be split into sub-variants (ie not in the official lists) so that they worked as true logical records. Here's an example:

The original data set was courtesy of someone on Fanaticus.  Please report any errors in the comments.


Venta Silurum said...

that's brilliant and thanks Martin. I dont play DBA often enough but this may persuade me to get back into it...once I have modded it to add grids of course :-)

Jonathan Freitag said...

Martin, I do not play DBA either but I admire and appreciate a fella that takes on a data project like this simply for the sake of accomplishment. Congratulations!

Vexillia said...

Thanks guys and you are spot on John.

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